Friday, March 10, 2006

Summary of Mar 09 2006 events

Note: This shall be a personal blog entry and serious readers may wish to turn off. The language and grammars as well as my colourful vocabulary may not be up to my usual standards. Apologies...

A Long Summary of an eventful day

I woke up at my usual time of 7 to 8+. Then, I dilly dally for quite awhile. Enjoyed my usual unspectacular breakfast of bread and some biscuits. Sipping on my daily large cuppa Milo, reading outdated news. Time passes by and it’s almost 10. Went for a jog, and I went half-monty at a ulu (secluded) path. Did some exercise of pull-ups, sit ups and cool down etc. Bought my best friend’s “fav” drink of green tea and I swore that the ah lian (female gangster) completed with a tattoo on her arm, was actually smiling and even said thanks to me. I ain’t making this up, and I was stunned as well. Hehe.. I’m going to patronize her stall in the future. Lol~ Just j/k only.

Then, I got back home and saw 2 missed calls and a msg received. Details shall not be revealed. But I was very happy then and still happy now. You can try asking me, but I may not tell you. Cos the time is not ripe yet, once it’s ready I would let you guys know. So far I’ve only told one friend and not even my family is aware of it. Once everything’s confirmed, I would make it public. Hah~ I’m creating mystery, letting the curiosity overwhelm you (blog readers). *evil grins*

Then, I bathed aft calling my friend. Later on, I came online as usual and find a fellow hunter to chat about any job openings. I’ve actually got a secondary school and primary school cum basketball friend hunting for jobs. So I intro them and we had a MSN conference, I managed to set up a time and place to meet up and search for jobs. On the other side, I’ve a self proclaimed noob (newbie) frend who is jioing (gathering) friends to accompany him to the IT Show at Suntec, Singapore. So I sat down in front of my computer screen and was looking for jobs on the straits time classified section, eating my pathetic lunch of instant noodles with a side order of chee kueh (my mum bought back from market), having 3 separate conversations with a few guys as well as replying SMSs. *jaw drop* That is what I called multitasking, ability to do several things at once and ends up screwing up everything. Hah.. The screwing up part is not true of cos.

Shortly after lunch, I called my friend (pri-bball) of a pig. Cos I knew that he would still be sleeping and we actually ended up reaching earlier than my estimate of 3.30PM. We waited for my friend and he’s actually bringing another friend along. Too say that it’s a coincidence would be an understatement lol.

Firstly, the three of them are from SP – Singapore Polytechnic and have seen each other as they are in engineering courses.
Secondly, apart from my secondary school friend, the 3 of us are from the same primary school.
Thirdly, we lived in the northern part of Singapore except for my sec friend who used to lived in the northern part.
Lastly, with so many similarities and interwoven relationship, you can imagine the chaos and eagerness of the foursome to engage in talks.

So, we went to town area and tried our luck twice. So far, we have gotten one confirmed jobs. As expected, the pay was not up to our standards. LOL~ We have got high standards. Ahahha.... After that we split up into 2 groups as we are going to different places. My sec friend and I went to City Hall MRT, which is like a mile away. While my primary school friends went to Clarke Quay which is a few stone throws away.

If you have been following the story, you shall guess where I’m heading to next. Of course, the IT Show and I ended up walking a kilometer or so. By then, my muscles were already aching and still aching now. I’ve come to a conclusion that instant noodles really have not much of a nutritional value. I should have eaten some wholesome and fresh food to aid better repairing of my body system.

Back to Suntec, I spent awhile going through the level 4 of the exhibition hall. Heheh.. Saw a bikni-clad babe on the Olympus stage, my grapey friend and I gawk for less than 15 secs and the show’s ended. Damm... We were too late should have went straight over to the booth if I knew such a show was going on. Btw, I happened to see my Poly friends promoting printers. He’s none other than the most zai (best) public speaker in my class. So, he’s over at Suntec and attracting a small crowd by using a mic and demonstrating the functions of the printers. It’s an extremely difficult job because the Olympus booth is just besides it and has a stage as well as bikini-clad model. Despite the odds, he still managed to attract a small (ard 10) people to watch his demo. OMG~ He’s truly an excellent public speaker with his fluent and good command of English.

Thereafter, my friend and I went over back to Xbox exhibits at level 3 since we were not buying any high ended IT product and also partly because there was no bikini show. Xbox 360 has good graphics, highly intelligent AI, realistic, detailed. It was really a good experience. One thing though, there are still games from the last century. Can u imagine my friend’s lameness when he leveled up to the 2nd level? The game was typically those internet downloaded “Rotate the hexes to form 3 alike coloured hexes and the hexes will burst sort of game”. I guess the game was really downloaded from the internet, since Xbox 360 supports online downloads as well. Hah.. Wt a joke.. Playing “hexes” game on the Xbox 360? Wt a great idea!

Finally, the rest of the groups came down after their purchases at the 6th level a.k.a japalang or miscellaneous and low end IT products. Did I mention that my grapey friend and I had not eaten dinner? Time was around 9 and I figured the lack of nutrients also caused my aches to sustain till now. In brief, I reached home at 10+.

PS – My Oscar’s nominated/winning film reviews (Part 2) might take a longer time then planned as I’ve a few activities coming up. Rest assured that I would finish my part 2.


At Friday, March 10, 2006, Blogger Smacky said...

Interesting blog. You should contact the Guinness Book of Records. I'm sure they could invent some suitable category for this blog, something like "Most Cretinous Drool Crammed into one Poorly Written Excuse for a Blog", or perhaps "Biggest Stinky Poo Poo" or something.

At Saturday, March 11, 2006, Blogger Desprorado said...

Thanks to ur insults Smacky. Scanned thru ur blog and realised that ur mission is so great. Ur sole existence is to irritate blog writers with insults. Wt a creative idea u have got.. Fame would find u soon if u managed to unruffle some big-shots blog writers. As my knowledge is limited, would u care to enlighten me with the meanings of the insults above? Once again, thanks for promoting my blog on ur blog. =)

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At Tuesday, March 14, 2006, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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At Thursday, March 16, 2006, Blogger Smacky said...

Hey, Askinstoo. You are a complete and utter ass.

At Thursday, March 16, 2006, Blogger Desprorado said...

Cool it Smacky. ALthough I felt the same way as well. He's a spammer. But he spam's people blogs instead of emails. Thanks Smacky!


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